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More School, More Life

More School, More Life

Who would want to keep going back to school over and over again? A weirdo, right? Welp, here I am...the weirdo. I’m in my senior year of college as a psych major and currently applying to Master’s programs in clinical mental health. The original plan was to apply straight to PhD programs, but life happened. I’m happy with the decision to only apply to Master’s programs because especially in psych...going directly to a PhD program can be brutal. I’m writing this blog in hopes of helping someone out that might be applying to grad school too, and it doesn’t even matter which program because my tips are pretty universal.




  1. Look for schools with programs you’re interested in. You want to make sure the fit is right because who wants to be in school for longer just to have an AWFUL time being there?

  2. Make an Excel sheet to stay organized...You can thank me later.

  3. Constantly update your Excel sheet with new schools, their application due dates, which recommenders you’re going to ask to write you a letter, etc

  4. Be ready to make revisions on top of revisions for essays and personal statements

  5. Wait for those acceptance letters! Or rejection letters because let’s face it, THEY WILL COME.





You may not get into any schools the first go ‘round. For me, most of my applications aren’t due yet so I’m right along this journey with y’all. What are you in school for? Let me know in the comment section!








Lessons I'm Taking from College

Lessons I'm Taking from College