Summertime Fine

It’s time to get naked…


Summer is slowly approaching my friends and that means one thing: less clothes. How do we get to the point of wearing less clothes? Through confidence, which is something I see this summer in my magic 8 ball. And everyone always talks about a self-love journey but they don’t tell the whole truth. It’s often ugly and just plain awful. They do tell the truth in that everyone’s journey is different and for me, mine has been about acceptance. I’m learning to understand the balance between acceptance while still wanting to better myself. I have to accept the way my body is right now because my “dream body” may never exist. And if I’m always living towards a goal that may never happen, I’m wasting my life. I’m missing out on the present and that’s something I refuse to do. 


So, I’ve been back on my routine of working out and eating right, and I couldn't be happier! I’m feeling good and looking good okayyyyy. This time around is different and I think it’s because I’m changing my lifestyle to feel better overall—mind, body & soul and not just outward appearance. To end this post I just want to say if you’re someone like me that has struggled with body confidence….I challenge you this summer to do what I’m doing, which is getting naked. We’re stripping away those insecurities right along with the clothes! Let’s face it, it’s too hot to cover up parts of our body that we don’t like, hiding behind layers of clothes in 80 degree weather. I feel bad for anyone that feels uncomfortable around back-rolls and cellulite because they’re in a for a rude awakening this summer!