Women's History Month

We already know that girls run the world, so what better way to start off  Women’s History Month by highlighting some pretty cool women. Disclaimer: Some of the women can fit into more than one category.



There’s just WAY TOO MANY to choose from in this category so here are some of my faves.

Rowan Blanchard*

Queen Latifah

Lindsay Lohan

Ellen Pompeo

Gina Rodriguez

Tracee Ellis Ross


*If you're wondering who this is, she's the girl that starred in Girl Meets World. Go check out her insta and you’ll see why she got a spot on my list (@rowanblanchard)




Mariah Carey

Whitney Houston


Demi Lovato*


*Now I’m going to be honest, she isn’t one of my favorite singers. It’s more about the type of woman she is. I used to feel really connected to her songs when I was younger. Her life story of struggling with body image issues and self-love makes her inspirational to me and deserving of making the list!



Michelle Obama

Maxine Waters



My life

Now of course all my girls hold a special place in my heart but I want to highlight the GROWN women.


God mom

Alli M


I challenge you this month to recognize and study women who have been trailblazers in history. Without the efforts that women before them have made, many of the women on this list would not be successful. And for the special women in your life, treat them right this month, and every month following! Happy Women’s History Month :)