Life Update: First Semester of Grad School

My first semester of grad school is coming to an end next month. Let me first start off by saying that I let Simply Bria fall to the curb. Badly. There were times when I would start to write new posts but didn’t find the time, or should I say desire, to finish them. I miss writing so let’s hope that keep this going. But anyways, grad school.

I have to say that I really love grad school so far. This was my first semester and although my time isn’t my own anymore, I don’t have too many complaints. I go to school, work part time, and have an internship. Even though I have referred to is as a strength in interviews before, effective time management has never really been my thing. I’ve had more on my plate than I ever had before in my life, but oddly enough, I seem to be balancing it better. I think it’s because I know that I have to manage what little time I have and it forces me to prioritize.

The most important takeaway from this semester is that I’m pretty positive that I no longer want to get a Ph.D. I thought I had my life planned out and how I wanted my career to be, and that included the finish line being a Ph.D. That isn’t the case anymore. What I’m doing right now in my program is what I wanted to get out of the Ph.D. so there isn’t the need to do that anymore. I want to be a mental health counselor and my program prepares us to be practitioners. I can do everything I wanted to do with a Master’s and getting that higher degree would have to be something I feel is ABSOLUTELY necessary. I did think it was necessary for all of undergrad but now that I know I am being prepared to do exactly what I want to do, I am happy.

So, cheers to devoting time to Simply Bria. And cheers to almost being on break!