Vegetarian Grocery Haul

So you want to be a vegetarian but you don't want to starve or spend a lot of money buying "expensive healthy food?" In case no one has, let me be the first to tell you that this new lifestyle can be cheaper for you at the grocery store. How? Because buying meat costs more than fresh or even frozen fruits and veggies. 

The items below are the ones that were on my last grocery list. I’ve added more items to it that I already had in my house but want to add so you can get everything. I like to make trips the grocery store about every 2 weeks. This ensures that my fresh food stays fresh and I’m not being wasteful. It’s not as expensive as you think. Grocery shopping more often means I only buy the food that will help me cook meals for that week. I don’t buy extra! This being said, I recommend knowing what meals you will be cooking and only buying the necessary ingredients. This helps save $$$.

I've recently been going to Trader Joe's for groceries as opposed to Walmart or Meijer. While it can be more expensive than those two stores, you have to know how the store works. At regular stores like Walmart, it costs more to buy frozen fruits than fresh fruit. It's the opposite at TJ. I found myself getting a better deal buying frozen blueberries for about $2 than the fresh ones which were $5.99...too high if you ask me. And usually I find it cheaper to buy 1 or 2 single pears as opposed to buying a bag that has around 8-10 because the bag costs more since it's a convenience that they're bagged. Again, at TJ it's the opposite. It was cheaper to buy the bag of pears (8-10) than buying 1 or 2. 

The meals that I planned on making for this grocery list are grilled mozzarella cheese and tomato sandwiches, brown rice/quinoa/black bean mixture, green smoothies, pre-made pasta, and açaí bowls. I also needed to buy a bag of rolled oats because I was out. I like to keep them in the house for overnight oatmeal recipes. 



Unsweetened almond milk 

Half carton of eggs

Mozzarella slices










Colorful sweet peppers



Açaí packets



Mixed fruit bag

Tomato penne pasta


Brown Rice

Lentils (pre cooked)


RX protein bars

Canned black beans

Granola cereal 

Yellow Curry sauce 

Rolled Oats

Wheat sandwich bread 

Coconut flakes (optional for açaí bowl)