What can you eat? Don't you get hungry?

I think the best way to start off this section of my blog is to make a big disclaimer: I’m a vegetarian. I won’t bore you with the story of how that happened because honestly, it’s not that exciting or important to me. But I won’t deprive anyone that truly wants to know so if you’re one of those nosey people...let me know.



Now that we got that out of way, let’s get into what I love which is FOOD. Oh and also, it really annoys me when people think that I can’t eat anything just because I don’t eat meat. Open your mind people. And clearly by looking at me, you can tell I ain’t missing any meals ;).




What I eat in a day:

Breakfast: Açaí Bowl 

Lunch: Crispy “Chick’n” Tenders from Gardein with a caesar salad

Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwich with mozzarella slices, tomato slices and spinach



Of course this varies from day to day because 1) I don’t like to eat the same thing everyday 2) Sometimes I eat out and 3) I may not have a lot of groceries. If you want more ideas on to eat while being a vegetarian, let me know in the comments below.